Lapaka Group is not a large company with dozens of associates that shuffle you around. We are small, personal, efficient and dedicated. There are two of us! But, if there's something we can't handle, we have a short list of supremely qualified and experienced associates that we can call upon.

Larry Cowsert

Larry Cowsert, BSBA, MBA
Chief Business Strategist

Mr. Cowsert began his work-life at the tender age of 12. He mowed lawns, delivered newspapers, and waited on cars at a Dairy Queen - all while in Junior High School!  In 1963, at the tender age of 13, he won an all-expense paid trip to the New York World's Fair of 1964 by selling the most new subscriptions to the Louisville Courier-Journal. Larry took out his first bank loan at the age of 14 - to buy a bigger lawn mower to mow more lawns in a day. He paid the loan off early.

In the last 40 years, he has written business plans for everything from cryogenic blood banks and drive-through coffee shops, to grain elevators and hydroponic farms. He's even won a National award for his business plan writing. Larry worked 15 years in the financial services industry, as a fee-based financial planner, then for EFHutton, then for American Express, after they bought Hutton out.

Upon leaving AMEX, Larry launched a software company that became known for its extreme cutting edge creations. The company was one of the first to sell an "over the Internet" computer backup program. They were first with an application that allowed "voice over IP". And, they were the first software company to do a public stock offering over the Internet!  Working with engineers, scientists and astronauts from NASA, Lockheed, Honeywell, and United Space Alliance, Mr. Cowsert led a team that developed a medical diagnostics application that was designed for use on NASA's manned mission to Mars. 

After the burst of the tech bubble, because of a life-long love of music, Larry built and ran a recording studio that won awards, attracted Grammy and Platinum-selling artists and engineers from coast to coast, and allowed him to become a voting member of the Grammys®.

Mr. Cowsert's diverse background and years of experiences have caused him to be a sought after speaker, trainer, mentor, motivator, author and BIG believer in thinking outside the box.

Michelle Cowsert, RN, BSN
Human Performance Strategist

Michelle is a veteran registered nurse, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Maryville University.  She has an exemplary career of over 25 years with one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. She has served in nearly every aspect of medical care, from working with patients in a doctor's office, to several years each in nuclear medicine, emergency room, orthopedics, ICU, Cardiac Surgical and Step-down. Michelle is currently a cardiac nurse in the Advanced Cardiac Care Unit, but also serves on the Infectious Diseases Team (affectionately known as the Ebola team).

As a cardiac nurse, Michelle must rely on a clear and definitive system for everything from the delivery of medications, to acquiring accurate and detailed information from the client AND the physician, to knowing the step-by-step detail of rolling up a crash cart and reviving a stopped heart.  In the same way, efficient businesses have a process. Sometimes that process is clear and simple. Other times - complex and cumbersome. Ironically, we find that the people who run businesses tend to become cymbiotic with that business and, occasionally, need to be extracted - emotionally, if not physically - from that environment.  A look in the mirror, so to speak. That is where Michelle shines! 

Michelle's vast and detailed experiences have allowed her to interact with people from all walks of life, and in virtually all human conditions. That goes for management and staff, as well as the clients in the hospitals.  Michelle also has a gift for being able to meet a person and immediately understand them. She is great at helping people identify and verbalize their goals and objectives.

Michelle has been most effective in identifying changes to process that can create more efficiency and higher profits. She is also able to evaluate the efficiency quotiant of employees in the roles they were originally hired to perform, and make recommendations as to how staff may be re-assigned or re-trained to improve their performance.

Michelle has mentored and trained dozens of people, from healthcare professionals to small business owners, and served on a number of committees on management/staff relationships and new IT systems and data process integration.


There are a number of specialists and professionals - including attorneys, accountants, graphic designers, promotions specialists, insurance and banking executives, and more - who serve in an affiliate capacity, for those engagements that increase in scope beyond the typical services. (Tax law, OSHA compliance, website designers, and software coding are examples.)