A wise man once said, "Knowledge is what you gain when you learn from other people's mistakes. Wisdom is what you gain when you learn from your own mistakes!"

For many years,  the Cowserts have been accumulating knowledge ... and wisdom. They've been married now for more than 20 years - and that has been a wisdom gathering experience all by itself! Over Larry's 40 years in the business world, he has helped launch startups, negotiated  with and/or was employed by Fortune 500 corporations, and consulted or contracted with governmental agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. Michelle is a registered nurse who has served in virtually every department of the hospital and in doctor's offices. This has given her a unique insight into people's attitudes and emotions during their best and worst of times - and that includes the management and stafff of the facilities, too! That has proven to be extremely important when working with employees and contractors. Michelle and Larry also launched some entrepreneurial ventures of their own. Some were extremely successful and did very well and others - not so good.  The most valuable - and most important - lessons learned were in the failures!

The Cowserts created The Lapaka Group in 2012, when they realized that the business Larry  owned at that time had actually begun to own them. Like so many people with whom Larry had consulted, he found himself being devoured by a business that had reached a turning point. Their time and money were no longer their own.  Because of the 2008 recession, and a rapid advancement in the technology in the recording industry, the company receipts were dropping like a rock. Vacations were few and far between. Family dinners were eaten at Chinese buffets or somewhere else quick. 16 hour days, six or seven days a week had become normal. The month before the final decision to close, there was more than $4,000 in equipment stolen or damaged by clients and Larry didn't see Michelle or his son - awake, at least - for eight straight days!

When faced with decisions that would impact the lives of employees, clients, and vendors alike, they had to take a step back and earnestly evaluate their options. They finally applied the wisdom they had gained from Larry's prior consulting experiences, advising others in the same situation; and that she had gained from her two decades of interacting with people in all physical, mental, and emotional states. They closed the business and began focusing on something much more personally rewarding. They realized that they were happiest -  and she was most secure - when Larry was helping other people achieve their business goals and personal dreams! She was happy to get him back in one piece and he was happy to have a family life, again. 

The Cowserts understand that not everyone is willing to give up their freedom to own a business. They also understand that, for some, owning their own business is the dream of a lifetime.  They found some options that provide the best of both worlds! In this short few years time, they have been able to counsel and develop strategies, directly or indirectly, with over 300 individuals and businesses, offering short-term fixes, long-term adjustments, financial  alternatives, and good, simple, wise counsel.
Our Mission:

To facilitate the creation and security of legacy wealth
and business success, through the application of lessons learned from years of successes and occasional failures.

Oh, one other thing. Larry and Michelle are always being asked what "LAPAKA" stands for. Well, years ago, a Pacific Islander told Larry that Lapaka meant "Larry" in his native tongue. So, Larry began to use it as his nickname - and did so for years. But recently, they found out the real "meaning" of the Teluga word:

. [Tel.] n. Money, wealth.